European Sports Connected platform will be presented in Rome during the WBSC Europe event held in Rome

Rome, the Italian capital, will host the WBSC Europe Elective Congress that will also include WBSC Europe Softball and Baseball Division Congresses.

Members from all of the Baseball and Softball national federations will meet at the Italian National Olympic Committee from 18th of November to 21st of Novermber 2021. The European Sports Connected platform will be presented in Rome during the event.

It will be the third WBSC Europe Congress, and is to be elective.

Softball Europe and Baseball Europe Divisional Congresses will be held in Rome at the same time.

About WBSC Europe

WBSC Europe is the European governing body of Baseball, Softball and all National Team & Club competitions. WBSC Europe was established on February 10th, 2018 during an extraordinary congress of the Confederation of European Baseball and the European Softball Federation in Val d’Europe, France. Walking in the footsteps of the World Baseball Softball Confederation, Europe became the first continent to merge its baseball and softball organizations into one single entity.

More info and event agenda can be found here:

About the author: Samuel Silvan Covaci

Founder of European Sports Connected
Sport manager and communication expert.

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@peepso_user_1(g.garais )
I heard it was wonderful and there was a lot of promised support for the funding project that will be available through this website. Great work in attending this event Sam.
2 years ago